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Transition – Kindergarden to Reception

Transition Information 2015


From 2014 South Australian DECD schools will have the same first day of school for all children. This will be the first day of term 1. Having the same first day of school means that every child is guaranteed four terms of reception before they go on to the rest of their primary schooling. It will also mean a more stable environment for children with fewer changes to classes throughout the year.

If your child turns five before 1 May, they will start school on the first day of term one in that year.

If your child turns five on or after 1 May, they will start school on the first day of term one the following year.

The minimum age for starting school will be four years and eight months from 2014.


Starting school is a major transition point for children. It is therefore vital that a smooth planned transition program is in place to support this.
Students planning to enrol at Mt Barker Primary are invited to be part of the transition programme.
Dates and times of information sessions and transition visits will be forwarded to local kindergartens and Child Care centres. The visits will occur toward the end of the year prior to the year the child is due to start.
Visits will occur on a Thursday unless stated otherwise. There are five visits, beginning with a parent/ child meeting and tour of the school. This is followed by a one hour visit and gradually increases to staying until after the lunch break. Parents are welcome to stay for part or all of each visit.
As part of our transition programme our Early Years classes visit the Mount Barker Kindergarten on a regular basis and Kindergarten staff and students visit the school on occasions such as special assemblies, events and to access facilities.
Reports and all relevant information on children transitioning from Mt Barker Kindergarten are handed on to the child’s teacher at Mt Barker Primary School.